Mobile First

A platform agnostic web-based client provides access to Herbert from mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Cloud Native

Docker and Ansible support provide multiple ways to deploy, either in the cloud or on-premises.

Open Source

Herbert source code is available on GitHub per the terms of the MIT License. Automate your horticulture!

Getting Started

Choose your hardware and distribution then add a Switchbot Meter and WYZE Plugs to automate your indoor garden.

Herbert provides environmental control for the amateur horticulturalist. Indoor gardening is just one possible application. Read more at, then clone the repository to get started with your automation project.

Herbert supports monitoring, remote access, and control of your indoor grow with mobile-first interfaces and multiple control strategies. Back-end services may be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Check it out at:

Current device support includes GPIO connections, SwitchBot Meter, and WYZE PLUG. Checkout the repository at to learn how to get started with Herbert. Have an idea for an application or want to request a feature? Have your own preferred devices? Contact us to find out about Herbert development and consulting services.

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